Publication / «THEORY OF PROTECTION» Darya Koltsova.

My latest site-specific installation with which I represented Ukraine at the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

When my country faced with the danger of war I started research the new society I in, people’s behavior in condition of danger and different kinds of rehabilitation.
I found in the Internet some fotos of the patterned windows sealed with paper or duct tape. I started research materials from the IIWW archives. I was struck by the strict and frightening beauty of such kind of protection on the verge of archaic wards seemingly out of place in the age of new technologies.
The point is that, in order to prevent an explosion of glass after the shockwaves that can be extremely traumatic, people used to glue windows with strips diagonally to reduce the vibration of a glass under the influence of shockwave. The practice was widely used during the XX century. After 50 years, despite the emergence of much more effective methods of protecting as well as the lack of any strict instructions or effectiveness guarantee, people continue to create such wards on their windows.
I wanted to actualize the problem of unexpected dander and analyze the people’s reaction demonstrating mythological consciousness elements coming out under the threat of life in a society unprepared for the war.