Publication / Soon the “MIR” project

Soon the “MIR” project, Shcherbenko Art Centre, «Avera» Creative Communications Agency and International airport “Borispil” will present creative space «Mir Art».

Art as a mirror of the world, life, person, can reflect disadvantages and dignities to give hope and faith to deprive a time. And it is art that can encourage, fill the spiritual realm, inspire in the tragic moments of historical fractures. Mir Art is a way to draw attention to one of the greatest values of life and coexistence of people on the planet.

The Mir Art project was created for the space of Borispol airport – the symbolic space that is associated with the first smile of the meeting or with the trembling of farewell. Thus, familiarity with the country began with the airport, and now – with art. Works of famous Ukrainian artists will be exhibited at the terminal D, marking the symbolic space of “stepping” on a new land. A land, which is experiencing suffering with faith in the peace, which will definitely have a bright future.

Ukrainian artists work as a visiting card of the country, young, creative and progressive. Art is a reflection of life, with all its ups and downs and perspectives, hopes and disappointments, as a way of reflection on events that affect us so. And in this cycle of black and white, the constant rush, art is a way to stop, and peer review, to hear the voice inside. And even the dynamics of the airport can be diluted with the moment of scrutinizing, charm or insight that an artwork can offer. Eternal values, spiritual sphere, feelings and impulses – all this fills a work of art, and all this is a manifestation of life, the value of which is peace.

Project curator Maryna Shcherbenko fills the space of the airport with the objects of art by such well-known Ukrainian artists as Daniil Galkin, Maria Pavlenko, Viktor Sydorenko and Vasyl Tatarsky. Transforming the familiar, but at the same time poetic space of the airport, the artists will confirm the creative potential of the country that welcomes guests sincerely.