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Andrey Sidorenko “Society of the Spectacle”

28.03.2013 - 13.04.2013

 …reality rises up within the spectacle, and the spectacle is real. This reciprocal alienation is the essence and the support of the existing society.
Guy Debord


Society provokes people to try on different roles, thus luring them into a performance in which human emotions are often the subject to certain behavioral patterns, expectations, rules. But to what extend the social sphere displaces personal? And can social pressure change human emotional sphere?

In different historical periods, people were influenced by ideologies, social systems, political pressure. In such circumstances, there is a natural human desire to protect the inner world, to hide putting on a social mask, selecting a role. Thus, it is the social life that provokes a man to play according to the script, which was imposed to him. And in this game it is pretty hard to save the inner freedom, as even human emotions are changing under the influence of social pressure. And this unnatural role a person takes, desires imposed by society, the artificiality of emotions provoked by a social game leads to a blurring of the boundaries between reality and spectacle.

Dependence of human emotions on social conditions – the main theme of Andrey Sidorenko’s project “Society of the Spectacle.” Exploring the theme of changing historical conditions, the artist dwells on the fact that, regardless of the era, the political regime, the economic situation, the man gives in social pressure, often losing a sense of reality, inner desire, impulse. And art – is one of the very few ways to find inner freedom, at least for a little bit, coming out beyond the “society of the spectacle.”