13.11.2008 - 21.12.2008

The new project of the «Bottega» gallery «Participials» is special because it transfers to the spectators, the symbols of involvement the souls of the epoch and human essence simultaneously. The spectator is the one who is participated and attracted to the concept of «the search». This is the search for answers to the question of how one passes from time into eternity. Every person comes to the world with a set of questions about the explanation of their lives and their existence in this world… What is this explanation? How to come to terms with the theme of doubt, with which the person appears to the world?

«Contemporary theology came to the conclusion that the tragedy of man is beyond the tragedy of God. The shift of the accents is from the New Testament (the tragedy of God), to the book of Job (the tragedy of Man). Man stays alone with himself. He can find the explanation of his existence only in art. Art assigns meaning to our existence». *

«Participials» is not a completed project…

The participants of the 1st stage of the «Bottega» project are: A. Bludov, O. Zhyvotkov, O.O. Zhyvotkov, L. Markosyan, I. Yashchenko and T. Silvashy, united by common idea of being “involved”. The theme of doubt is transformed into vividness of characters, symbols and colours.

They don’t have the aestheticism while using the approach of decision making and materials.

«Facing God, in front of the icon, Man feels the cold of non-existence in his back. History is born in such a difference of temperatures. Time is born and Man finds his way in it».*

Curator of the project, the owner and art-director of «Bottega» gallery Maryna Shcherbenko
* The quotes belong to the philosopher, academician of the science NANU, doctor of Philosophy, Professor S.B. Krymskiy