IMPERSONATION by Alla Zhmaylo / Vera Blansh

06.03.2018 - 17.02.2018

Shcherbenko Art Centre

together with Vroda Amber Jewelry

represents the project of Alla Zhmaylo / Vera Blansh


The “IMPERSONATION” project is the result of a collaboration of two Ukrainian artists – Alla Zhmaylo (collection of jewelry) and Vera Blansh (photographs). 20 unique items made of amber, metal, rubber created by the artist and designer Alla Zhmaylo and the photographic works created by the photo-artist Vera Blansh form the unified installation. The project is going to display a new artistic reading of Ukrainian amber and the search for modern forms of its transformation

Together with the brand VRODA Amber Jewelry the designer Alla Zhmaylo created the first art collection of amber jewelry in Ukraine which is called “IMPERSONATION”.  The collection of accessories is crowned with a composition of the pectoral namysto and kybalka (Ukrainian traditional headpiece), made in a unique authoring technique using amber chips and slices.

In the reading of Vera Blansh this image, along with the archetypes study, acquires the actual social sounding: “A cracked black earth presents us a yellow gem in its magnificence against the motives of prayer, strength.” In her photographs, jewelry is inscribed in an atmosphere of touch with eternity: amber resembles a mystery itself, and time freezes in it.

“IMPERSONATION” is the key property of amber. The project is going to show everyone the well-known stone from the other side, returning it from the past to the present with a new meaning. The name of the collection is intended to convey a chain of transformations, which carries the Ukrainian amber, the unusual properties of which has formed the basis of the collection. In the “workshop” of nature, the resin turns into a solidified ingot, and in the artist’s workshop it changes into a piece of art. Visitors to the exhibition will get an opportunity to witness a new transformation – an idea into an image.

Alla Zhmaylo is a well-known Ukrainian artist, who successfully combines two trends in her work: objective design and design of accessories. Both directions are based on the use of unique author technologies and modern materials in unexpected combinations (rubber, metal, cement, crystal). She represented her art works on personal and group exhibitions in Mystetskiy Arsenal, Art14 Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Ivan Kavaleridze Workshop-Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine; in the Gallery of Liberty, Odessa; in the Ukrainian Museum, New York, USA. The artist lives and works in Kyiv.

Vera Blansh is a London fashion photographer of Ukrainian origin. In the shooting she is interested in exploring the images of femininity, where the model becomes an art object, and that was the reason for the collaboration with the artist Alla Zhmaylo. Vera represented her works at the exhibitions “Ghosts of the City” (2009) and “Reformation” (2010) in Moscow. She also collaborated with fashion editions such as “Vogue”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Fucking Young”, “Harper’s Bazaar”,”L’Officiel”.

VRODA Amber Jewelry is the first Ukrainian conceptual brand of image accessories and jewelry made of amber. This is the embodiment of the true beauty of amber in modern reading. It is a source of female beauty found in the thousand-year mystery of nature. One stone is a whole world. Taking it in one’s hands, one can hear the sound of the endless forests, see the quiet surface of the lakes, and feel the touch of a soft fog. We pay close attention to the cultural heritage of Ukraine, and we truly believe that launching cooperation with the best artists, designers, jewelers and art figures, the Ukrainian amber will be presented in the world at the qualitatively new level.

Shcherbenko Art Centre (ShchAC) was created by Maryna Shcherbenko, Ukrainian curator and gallery owner. The task of the centre is to create opportunities for dialogue between the art world and the general audience. The Centre is engaged in exhibition activities, and also works as a venue for lectures, round tables, workshops with leading masters of modern art in Ukraine and other countries.

Photo by Vera Blansh


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