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Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovska. Find your tribe and love them hard

02.06.2017 - 02.07.2017

Shcherbenko Art Centre is delighted to present the project by Ukrainian artist Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovska called “Find your tribe and love them hard”. The project consists of a series of photographs, in which the artist appears dyed with ritual colors of the tribes of Africa, South America and Australia, the images of which she drew from the legendary “Ethnography” by German ethnologist Friedrich Ratzel. The artist worked with famous fashion photographer Ksenia Kargina on this project.

The artist admits that being a child she was fond of looking through the pages of this more than fundamental study of the way of life of diverse tribes. Besides, she concentrated on the ways of broadcasting their belonging to a certain group, showing social and age status, distinctive features and powers through appearance. Nevertheless, if the syncretism of Aborigene’s or Bushman’s perception of the world makes it easy for them to solve the problem of identification with the means of established rules for body transformation, modern civilized human finds him- or herself in a much more complicated situation.

The problem of importance of staying in one’s group, in delimited mental space, remains relevant today and rises a lot in current studies. It finds an echo in popular culture in the form of a slogan that is gaining weight as a cultural construct, which became the ground for the name of Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovska’s project, – “find your tribe and love them hard”. This easy and memorable phrase reflects the universal characteristic of a person and, at the same time, the inner anxiety of modern cosmopolitan: “Everyone wants to find own social group, to associate by nationality, occupation, gender. Find your niche, something resonant for yourself. Get recognition and join. ”

You can interrupt the endless run from yourselves and resume the search for “your tribe”, referring to the project by Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovska, at Shcherbenko Art Centre until July 2.