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“Supovoy Nabor”

Creative union “Supovoy Nabor” (Rus. ‘soup set’) was formed in 2012 in a rented apartment in Lugansk initially as a group of friends-artists, engaged in collective creativity and self-education. The group was open – various participants of city’s cultural movement joined it over the years its existence. During 2013-2014, the group took part in a number of city-scale exhibitions, primarily working with problematic spectrum of local issues. Work, significant for this period, was “Black Olympus” (2013) – the joint project with “R+N+D” art group, preparing for which artists made an expedition to one of the waste heaps of Lugansk region. Later, this rethought project, for which “Supovoy nabor” received special award of MUHi 2015 – contest of young Ukrainian artists, was presented in the end of 2015 in Kyiv at the final exhibition of the contest at Modern Art Research Institute.

In 2014, the members of “Supovoy Nabor” left Luhansk: the conflict in Donbass, its causes and consequences became the basis for their art. Feeling the need to change and expand the format of activities, “Supovoy Nabor” initiated the creation of an informal community called “Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora”, which also included their migrant friends from “R+N+D” art cluster. The first action of the community was “Trudnaya Zemlya” (Rus. – ‘land of labor’) exhibition, which touched identification issues of the inhabitants of Donbass region (the exhibition was held in the spring of 2015 at Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv).

In 2016-2017 the community members have been working on production of “Golden Coal” – magazine about “underground” culture in Lugansk and Donetsk, and the short film “Severodonetsk” (within the project “MyStreetFilms: Rubyzh”, premiered at “86″ Festival in May 2017).

At the moment, “Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora” consists of Lugansk artists, who have moved out of the city, (Anton Lapov (Kyiv), Evhen Koroletov (Severodonetsk), Petro Vladimirov (Wroclaw, Poland), etc.) and participants, currently living in Lugansk (Roman Topolia, etc.).